Book Review: Brookings Institution releases “Show Me the Evidence”

In 2013, President Obama issued a directive to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget that put forth policy to implement evidence and innovation in federal budgeting decisions. Last month the Brookings Institution released ‘Show Me the Evidence,’ a book that tells the story of the administration’s ‘Evidence and Innovation Agenda’ ( ) and current efforts to implement evidence-based management in policy initiatives.
Jon Baron, President, Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy, gives praise to the work stating: Show Me the Evidence is a work of great insight and integrity by a respected Republican scholar, about Obama Administration initiatives to use scientific evidence on “what works” to guide government social spending. In a thorough and balanced account, the book depicts the vision and commitment of government officials willing to depart from the usual recipe of more spending as the answer to social problems, and to focus instead on whether money is being spent in ways that truly improve people’s lives. These pages illuminate a path to effective government that transcends endless partisan debate about more spending versus less. – Jon Baron, President, Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy.
View co-author Ron Haskins’ podcast, watch the video from the launch event, read the Wall Street Journal’s book review, and more at: research/books/2014/show-me- the-evidence