Evidence-Based Change Helps Companies Achieve Greater Success

When it comes to managing people, many organizations have made important HR decisions without any real rigor, often relying on instincts or copying competitors’ practices. Now, a handful of leading-edge global companies are breaking new ground and using evidence-based change to make critical talent management decisions, help their organizations achieve greater success and create a more engaging work environment for their people.

In the book, first released in 2011, Transformative HR: How Great Companies Use Evidence-Based Change for Sustainable Advantage talent management experts Ravin Jesuthasan of global professional services company Towers Watson and John Boudreau reveal how prominent global organizations are redefining HR leadership by using this new approach to optimize efficiency and strategic impact. By adopting what they identify as the five key principles of evidence-based change, the authors believe organizations across the globe can make better people decisions that ultimately lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

“Our thinking behind evidence-based change was inspired partly by the evidence-based medicine movement, which encourages doctors to determine which treatment, based on the evidence, is most effective,” said coauthor Jesuthasan. “It hardly seems like a radical notion, but human nature is such that people, even doctors, do not always behave with scientific rationality, choosing instead to rely on instinct and what might have worked once before. By using evidence-based change, HR is better equipped to make decisions that are based on well-grounded evidence, rather than gut feel.”

Transformative HR is based on collaboration of research from Boudreau and Jesuthasan, who define the five principles of evidence-based change as:

  • Logic-Driven Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Risk Leverage
  • Integration and Synergy
  • Optimization

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