Petition for Cochrane Collaboration in Canada

Please visit Help Save Cochrane Canada January 2016:–6yaof-off1548

It provides an in teresting perspective about the challenges of ongoing funding for maintaining a robust evidence-based research/practice network and evidence repository.  As we’ve discussed it is important for the field of management (particularly those invested in the Center for Evidence Based Management and similar organizations) to consider.  As resources are scarce for these types of initiatives, continual marketing to stakeholders on the value is necessary!  To that end, there needs to be more case study examples of where a manager has actually incorporated EBR into their decision-making–and it made a difference; challenge is how/where to solicit those stories?

Data science is doing a better job of marketing and that the term “evidence-based” or even “evidence-informed” is not taking off.  This is really a PR problem since the need exists for methodologies to improve decision quality in a variety of domains ranging from retail to healthcare to government.  There is an abundance of information everywhere and a need for systematic evaluation of the best data, and actionable outcomes based on that evaluation.  It is a public health and safety call to action and evidence based management provides methodologies to respond to this call.  As you are evaluating the available research and organizational data, think through the value of the research and data to the practitioner and stakeholders.  Are we creating action-oriented outcomes?  What is in it for the stakeholders?  What is the data tell us that demands stakeholder attention and what is the impact if they don’t pay attention?